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Jill Carnesi was presented a recognition award for making this reunion happen. Many disasters happened in the reunion members lives this time, & without Jill pushing to get it done & doing much of it herself, it would not have happened.

Jill said what inspired her was those people who have thanked the committee over the years for taking time out of their lives to keep us all together. "I just couldn't let them down."

Willem Leenstra 
Travelled the Farthest
Rose Boscarello-Leger  w/DJ
Married the Longest
Thirty-Three (33) Years
Phyllis Nelson
1st Place 
Most Unusual Job
"Music Editor & Scientic Illustrator" She draws "bugs". Phyllis said she has "roadkill" in her frig waiting to be drawn! Anyone for Dinner at Phyllis' house?
Myra Pinto Zoggas
Most Grandchildren

Nine (9) 

Second Runner-up for the Most Unusual Job

 Jeff Phillips 
Jeff & his wife Candee run a large daycare center.
The Youngest Grandchild 
(No Picture)
Surprise! It wasn't Myra. But she was close. 
First place:   Jill Carnesi Miguel
Second Place:  Gary Leonis
Third Place:  Myra Pinto Zoggas
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