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Now for the Stars of the 
San Lorenzo High School Class of 1965 
Millennium Event

Left to right front row: Nancy SANDERS Waite, Avram (Alan) Goldman, Merry YRKKOLA Stubbins, Ann MILTIMORE, Diane CALDWELL Bowen, Gary Leonis, Bob Nishiyama, Phyllis NELSON

Left to right second row: Linda KORRUP, Diane WEBER McGuire, Myra PINTO Zoggas, Rose BOSCARELLO Leger, Jill CARNESI Miguel, Carolyn SAPERKA Blair, Starla ANDERSON Noeker, Carol HAMILTON Simons, Steven R. Anderson

Left to right third row: Sandy OLSEN Baroni, Linda VIVIAN  Tellardin, Louise LIEVORE, Cyndee FINLEY Kirkman, Linda GIOVANNELLI Grimoldi, Gary Rodriguez, James Fernandez, Val Hopper, Tom Thompson, Larry McKinney

Left to right fourth row: Ron Silva, Sharon SILVA Lani, Augie Caries, Lee Anna SYLVESTER, Ken Stevens, Wayne Roberts, Terry Lee,  Jeff Phillips, Daniel Rodham, Paulette POND Bakanoff

Left to right back row: Jay Coriell,  Jim Newton, Bob Blasquez, Jim Paschal, Willem Leenstra, Bob Eason, Victor Bill, Art Hoover, Jim Francisco, Barry McAdam

Augie & Leslie Caires

Carolyn (SAPERKA) & 
Jim Blair
Avram (Alan) & 
Lori Goldman
Willem (Bill) Leenstra, 
Jim Newton, Terry Lee
Cyndee FINLEY Davis
Diane WEBER McGuire & Gary Leonis
Gary Leonis & Diane CALDWELL Bowen
Jim & Wendy Fernandez
Avram (Alan) Goldman, 
Nancy SANDERS Waite, 
Paulette POND Baranoff
Suzanne BERESFORD & 
Barry Barovick
Wayne & Sharon Roberts
Cyndee FINLEY Davis
& Jim Newton
Jay & Arlene Coriell
Tom & Cathy Thompson
Diane Weber-McGuire, 
Gary Rodriguez, Starla Anderson-Noeker
 Jill Carnesil
Jeff Phillips & 
Bob Blasquez
Carol Hamilton, Carolyn Saperka, Jill Carnesi, Diane Weber, Myra Pinto, Starla Anderson, Cyndee Finley
Jim Paschal & Barry McAdam
Linda Vivian-Tellardin 
& Linda 
Ken Stevens &
Rose Boscarello-Leger
Jeff & Candy Phillips & 
Art Hoover
Larry & Debbie McKinney
Linda Korrup-Sister
Sandy Ohlsen-Baroni
Left to Right: 
Phyllis Nelson, 
Steven & Marti Anderson, 
Lori Goldman 
Louise Lievore,
Ann Miltimore,
Merry Yrkolla Stubbins
Lenda Clyde & Mike Carey, Barry Barovick
Sharon Silva-Lani,
Carol Hamilton-Simon,
Carolyn Saperka-Blair
Sharon Silva-Lani &
Guest Chris Chalucci
Lenda Clyde-Carey &
Candy Clyde-Phillips
Diane Weber-McGuire,
Gary Rodrigues &
Starla Anderson-Noeker
Merry Yrkolla-Stubbins 
& Louise Lievore

Avram (Alan) Goldman & Wife Lori

Left to Right: Candy & Jeff Phillips, Larry McKinney, Rose  Boscarello-Leger, 
Victor Bill

Paulette Pond-Baranoff & Cyndee Finley-Kirkman

Merry Yrkolla-Stubbins &
Louise Lievore
Victor Bill &
Diane Weber-McGuire
Left to Right: 
Myra Pinto-Zoggas, Merry Yrkolla-Stubbins, Louise Lievore, Lori & Avram (Alan) Goldman
Rose Boscarello-Leger 
& Myra Pinto-Zoggas
Rose Boscarello-Leger 
& Myra Pinto-Zoggas
Linda Giovanelli, Jill Carnesi, LeeAnna Sylvester
Rose Boscarello, LeeAnna Sylvester
Linda Vivian, Linda Giovanelli, Cyndee Finely
Cyndee Finley, Louise Lievore, Carol Hamilton, Diane Weber, Carolyn Saperka, Merry Yrkolla
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Rose Boscarello, Diane Weber, Larry McKinney
Jill Carnesi, Jim Paschal
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